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The destination

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When you choose Mauritius, you're a winner.

In the 16th century, it was the star and key of the Indian ocean, a must stop on the sea route rounding the Cape of Good Hope towards the spice trade and the exotic world. Now, in the 21st century, it is a hub for trade, travel, investment but chiefly, tourism. Its airport says it all: its name is Plaisance, thirty-two airlines used it in 2007; Heathrow is only twelve hours away. A tourist's choice spanned 128 beach hotels (ten five-star) and 1 000 bungalows where 1 000 000 tourists basked and relaxed and enjoyed. They were thrilled, for Mauritius is a microcosm where eight languages are spoken, English and French fluently, and its multicolored population with its proverbial smile shares with you its cultural palette of riches, from the hip-swinging sega to a devotee's walk on live coals, fireworks at Christmas and the Chinese Spring Festival, to the touching reverence of the Festival of Light challenging the starred tropical sky where the Southern Cross symbolises the change holidays are for.

Spas galore, a choice of 14 golf courses, surfing and scuba diving, forest drives on quads, bird park, alligator farm, prehistoric tortoise, nature reserves (125 species of plants and nine of birds are indigenous) dovetail into a puzzle of possible outings with shopping sprees at Caudan Waterfront, tempered by a more sedate gaze on historical sites of Dutch vestiges, the Blue Penny museum, the Apravasi Ghat and the Morne slavery monument, the latter of World Heritage Unesco status.

There are 32 kms of white coral sand beaches beckoning for lazy sunny spells and the robust pleasures of open sea trolling for 2 000 lbs black marlin or rainbow dorados. Back on land learned chefs and barmen ( 12 brands of rum) will lure you with more hedonic pursuits. There is calm canoeing and the green vistas of the Chamarel plateau to rest and forget and the music of the filao trees to lull and dream. Maybe you can take back a sample of the urging colours (flame trees and jacarandas and laburnum in season) of this holiday in the shape of a boxful of anthurium flowers arranged for by your hosts.

It's a pleasure.     
Mauritius Awarded
"World's Leading Island Destination 2010"

 "World Leading Island Destination 2009"
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