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Tourism Ethical Code


For the Mauritians

  Be open and generous. The tourist brings you a world to explore.

  Share the values of your country.

   Embellish for the tourist your house, your garden, your lanes and paths.

  Respect the cleanliness and orderliness of your environment, the tourist will feel most welcome

  Be proud of being an inhabitant of a multi-cultural island: make
  your music known to him, that of your heart and roots, your original and personal art, your family cooking  derived from your  customs.

  Stay as yourself and be simple: don’t copy a style at the expense of your identity.

  Do not look at the tourist as a being to exploit: he has not come to live painful moments but rather to  enjoy.

  What you do for the tourist, do it well, with intelligence. Refuse the
  ‘that will do’ attitude and mediocrity.

  Our spiritual rites are not only to be filmed. Teach the tourist to respect sacred places. Let him take away the nostalgia of your smiling welcome, of your kindness and your sincerity; he will then return with his friends.

For the Tourists

  You are already welcome to Mauritius, thank you for understanding that our island is populated by people who are worth meeting. Please do care to go out of your way to encounter them.

  They have a depth of culture, beliefs and values that are precious.

  While our people need a prosperous tourist industry, money cannot buy you everything.

Our people have riches to share. Please make the effort to discover them, they take people as they are as long as the people do not adopt a superior attitude.

  Our country is not only beach and indolence, it possesses other picturesque countryside.

  Our people consider, without being puritanical, that nakedness, when exhibited, can be offensive.

  Our country is something other than a lost paradise where all pleasures are permitted.

  Our industry is proud to train those who will take care of you and wish that you react to their smile.

  Our people has a soul that opens itself to those who seek it and know how to respect it.

For the Professionals of Tourism

   To constantly better our professionalism.

  To guarantee the quality of our service and our level of safety.

  To ensure that the advertising of our product is always realistic and honest.

  To respect at all costs our commitments.

  To offer a welcome that is as spontaneous as it is warm.

  To ensure that our personnel receives training and the possibility for fulfilment.

  To check that information is spread as widely as possible across the tourism industry.

  To promote our heritage whilst respecting our natural, cultural and architectural environment.

  To highlight the respect to be observed in sacred places and to safeguard the interests of Mauritians so that they do not feel inferior to the tourist.

  To give a full and true account of everything that Mauritius offers the tourist.
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